Sunday, October 7, 2012

Zinnia's New Lease on Life

So, I warned you fairly that I would be including more Doll-related-posts here right? Yes? Okay good.

This post is about Zinnia, my Pullip Papin. Zinnia came to live with me this past Spring. I remember falling in love with her look. Her stock clothes are so kooky and fun. Her mohair wig is zany but adorable. I placed my bid on the Evil Bay and waited it out. I remember de-boxing her thinking, "Oh my! She comes with so many awesome pieces!" I brought her outside almost instantaneously to photograph her.

I noticed her quirks right away. She is squeaky as all get out, she has a funky wrist, she had pretty bad "box hair", and her collar bone/neck looked very different from my other Pullip who also has a type 3 body. Unfortunately, over the few months that I have owned her I just haven't bonded with her like I had hoped I would, like I did with my other Pullip doll, Charlotte. I didn't really know what to do. Sell her? Change her wig?

Andrew and I are making the "big move" in January to our first apartment! We are beyond excited, but it means I have some scary assessing of my yarn and doll hoards  collections to do. For the last month or two I have been contemplating, leading to the almost-decision to re-home Zinnia. She is in great condition, I have all her stock, her original box. Should be no problem. I began talking about her like she had already moved on. Then, about two nights ago, I spontaneously bought a new doll. I was all giddy and then I looked over at poor Zinnia.

Right then, an idea took hold: what if instead of finding a new home for her I tried to give her another chance here? As soon as the idea hatched I knew I wanted to give it a try. If she is really meant to move, in the end, she will. It is so (too) easy for me to fall in love with a new doll. Sadly, it was too easy for me to fall out of love with this one I already had. So I'm going to give Zinnia another chance. I'm not exactly sure what it will entail. A radical make-over? An obitsu body perhaps? Maybe no cosmetic changes at all, just more attention on my part.

I want to document this journey for other enthusiasts, hobbyists, dolly-lovers, whatever you like. I also want to document it for myself because if I don't learn to fully appreciate that dolls I already have...well...let's just say things could get out of control. So stay tuned!!
...Until Next Time...