Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Short, But Sweet, Update

Well as you can see I am still struggling with blogging regularly. I am currently brainstorming ways to remedy this and I thank everyone who cares enough to read me for their continued interest and patience :) I hope it will all pay off, for both of our sakes. Things have been upbeat around here lately. I am taking an online course, Psychology of Learning, that I am really enjoying to me surprise. I tend to lean more toward a humanistic perspective so I didn't expect behavioral and cognitive theories to have any value for me, but I am actually very intrigued. Also, I am applying for a a full time position at the library I work in. I have been too superstitious to say it, but I feel the need to. It is a position that I may not be technically qualified for but I am putting myself out there anyways, I have nothing to loose and I love the library. So my online class is taking up some physical time and the job application is definitely taking up a lot of my mental space. That's really all that's going on here, so until next time (whenever that may be...)