Thursday, December 30, 2010

Winding Down

Well, it looks the like holiday madness is over. And by madness I mean loveliness. Lovely madness? Mad loveliness? Either way, as much as I love the holidays I am not afraid to admit they can be a little taxing. I feel like this year I swung right from "finals mode" into "Christmas mode".

(this is my Grammie's lovely all purple tree)

After studying my arse off and sweating over all those dreaded tests there was still shopping, wrapping, decorating, baking, and visiting to do before I could entirely relax. However, Christmas was simply sweet. Last year Andrew and I felt like two chickens running around with our heads cut off. We went from his house, to my house, to Grammie's house, then back to his house, out to dinner with his family, back to his house, and  all the way back in the direction of Grammie's to my Uncle's. This year we approached it in a much more calm and convenient way. We got a GPS! So no more going all the way back home as starting point. We got to do all the same things, in a much less stressful way. And I think it's safe to say I made out like a bandit. I got a stocking full of pamper-me luxuries from the Whole Body department of Whole Foods.  They are soo yummy and good-for-you too. Also, I got a Nook (e-reader) and the complete set of The Harmony Guides knitting stitch books.

(I love this old-fashioned Santa doll. You can pretend I cropped Andrew's hand out.)

In other news, the semester is at last over. No more of that horrid social work class. I know I didn't go much into it but the teacher was completely over-working us and not paying us any respect during our class discussions. Needless to say, I am more than glad to be done with that class.  My grades were all posted and I am very pleased. I made the Dean's List again and though I don't set my sights on it, its always nice to be rewarded for all that hard work throughout the semester.

 Also! We got a blizzard the day after Christmas! Oh just when you think Mother Nature has settled in for a Winter's nap She pulls out all the stops. Everything is covered in white now, and it is beautiful. Something about snow makes me feel so peaceful. Before our storm, though, I snapped a picture of Brattleboro that I would like to show you. The PBH has been a little more difficult to snap. When he isn't wearing it (and he won't let me take pictures of him) it's at his house and I am here. I will try to resolve this problem, mainly because I am rather proud of this hat, and I conceived the idea and wrote the (very simple) pattern all on my own.
In other yarn news, I am currently working on the most gorgeous project. I think I might be in love. It's so beautiful it deserves it's own post. (All in good time, my friends).

So, I love the hat. And hats in general. They are so quick and can be anything you want them to be. Fashionable, trendy, classic. This hat is all of those. Plus warm. Highly recommend. I found the ball band the other day, and its lost again. I promise I will give the farm from Maine where this yarn came form proper cred! As you can see, and its much less obvious in person, I am a terrible finisher. I don't like having to sew my knitting. Oh well. Great hat anyways. So, that new year of ours will be rolling in soon and I have got some resolutions stewing. But more on those later.
Until next time.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Ladies and Gentleman, I Give You...


Otherwise known as Sugar. Since having gotten my new camera all I do is take picture of everything. Which is good, I think. Now I would really like to learn how to adjust the ISO and aperture (and stuff) with real purpose. Until then photo shoots with the my wittle baby will have to do.

I know, I know. Shes precious.
In the meantime, though, I have been knitting a little. Mainly the Brattleboro Hat and what I have coined the Painfully Boring Hat. However, the PBH is for my better half so that in itself gives me joy when knitting it.

Yes, that's about nine or ten inches of stockinette in the round. He likes his hats warm and plain. So we decided on stockinette I'm planning on folding a good four or five inches in and sewing it there, to act as extra warmth without disturbing the plainess he endears so much. The best laid schemes...

This is said Brattleboro Hat, from New England Knits. Or maybe you know it from Interweave Fall 2010? Anywho. I made some mods, as I have a tiny head and I knit it in this rough and tough wool from Maine that I am absolutely in love with. Well, that's about it over here. My first sophomore semester is wrapping up and I have been working quite a bit with the holiday season in full swing. But, boy, do I have plans for winter break.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Letting in the Secret Thoughts

"Every human being on the face of the Earth has a steel plate in his head, but if you lay down now and then and get as still as you can , it will slide open like elevator doors, letting in all the secret thoughts that have been standing around so patiently, pushing a button for a ride to the top."
- Sue Monk Kidd, The Secret Life of Bees

Thursday, December 2, 2010

For Lack of a Better Title...

Well I did it. I got myself a digital SLR camera. I can't believe it! There was a great black friday sale on the Canon EOS Rebel XS, and I could ignore the urge no longer. Also, ironically, my ol' point and shoot died Thanksgiving morning. It was a big spend and I am still (kind of) in shock, but from what I have seen it do so far I know I will not regret this purchase. It's just matter of patience and time, and learning how to really use those bad boy. So as I was playing around with my new toy I realized I had two FO's I could show you!
So first is the Everyday Cardi by Robyn Chachula from Crochet Today Sept/Oct 2010. I used about twelve balls of Knit Picks Swish Worsted in Navy to complete this cardigan. This was gift for my mom on her birthday. She was apparently thumbing through my magazine and she liked this one so much she wrote "Mommy likes this one!" right on the page. She didn't know, but I got the hint.
She wanted me to get a picture of the "special stitching". My mom crochets a little. Towel toppers, granny squares mainly. So I liked crocheting a sweater for her because its a craft she can relate to. This is a top-down cardigan so it was relatively simple but still interesting. Having never crocheted a sweater before I found it intriguing, though it got very heavy towards the end. I made an odd size. My swatch was too on a J hook, but the size I was crocheting was 36" and she likes her clothes not too clingy. So I crocheted the yoke with the J and then used an I for the rest of the cardigan. I like how it worked out and she loves the fit. Here's a shot of the back and a better shot of the "special stitching".
I like this photo a lot. So that's Mom's cardi. She has already worn it about four times since I gave it to her on Tuesday night. I also attempted to take some better photos the Southbay Shawlette like I promised.
The second one more accurately portrays the color, but the first one was so pretty I couldn't help myself. Now, understand that it was perfectly mild all day and as soon as I went out to take photos it became so windy. Such is life. So there you have it. I've been thinking lately that the content on my blog might be a little boring/redundant so I am going to try to switch it up a little.  Shouldn't be too hard now that I have an amazing camera to inspire posts. I'd also like to learn how to edit HTML a little. Any suggestions? What you like to read about?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Icing On the Cake

I recently completed my first ever sweater project! The pattern is Iced from Knitty First Fall 2010. I have been trying to conquer my fear of sweaters and just knit one already. I wanted something simple and comfy. This definitely fit the bill. I knit it in Patons Shetland Chunky (rav link) and I knit the 38.5" bust size. So, without further adieu.
I enjoyed knitting my first sweater because it was a little bit challenging, but comfortable enough that I was able to have fun learning the construction. It is very over sized and the large gauge makes it a little airy. Also it's heavy and it droops a little in the front.

That being said, its so comfy and it was great first sweater pattern. I do love the shawl collar and the fact that I made it long enough to wear with leggings. Even though I will probably not be knitting such over sized, large gauge sweaters in the future I will cherish and wear this sweater. Because, hey, for a first sweater it ain't too shabby if I do say so myself.

These gorgeous photos were taken at Lost Acres apple orchard in Connecticut. If you're up that way next fall, stop by. We were late in the season but they were honest and told us they were mostly picked out but for a few apples on the trees that were (previously) not for the public. Also, they have a little kitchen that serves coffee, cider, pie, apple dumplings, apple donuts, and even soup! Andrew took these pics (he's such a trooper) and I think he did a great job!

Now I'm off to finish my second sweater project!

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Aestlight Gets a Web Redemption, Where the Hell Have I Been, and In Other News...

So, I highly doubt anyone is following this blog anymore (assuming there was anyone following it in the first place?). But if you a truly a blog trooper and held out for me, I thank you. As I am sure is clear, I have been rather busy lately. I'll go backwards according to the title. In other news...I have officially changed my major to psychology and I am ecstatic with the decision. I have been wanting to do so for a while but had no idea a)if I should, b)how the heck to do it, and c)what to change it to. For those of you scratching your head I was previously a social work major. Though I strongly believe in social justice, the field of social work just wasn't right for me. I feel like psychology is my long-lost-major-home. Also, I just got a new job! (Yay for me!) I am now a bookseller at Barnes and Noble, and again am so happy with this change. For those of you scratching your head again, I was previously a waitress in a movie theater. While the money was great the managers were petty, my co-workers were mostly drama queens, and I was honesty starting to loathe the thought of going to work. So I am taking a slight pay cut, and it has been hard to accept that fact, but I will be much happier at Barnes and Noble and I am too young to hold on to a job that makes me miserable because the money is good. THAT BEING SAID. Where the hell have I been? Well, classes from 9-3:30 on Mondays and Wednesdays, working Tuesdays, volunteering/doing school work on Thursdays, working Fridays/Saturdays, usually chilling Sundays. The beginning of this semester was so stressful I started losing sleep, losing my appetite, and having anxiety attacks. I feel like I have gotten a better hold of myself- and having a major I love and a job I love is helping- so here I am ladies and gents. Trying my best to be a better blogger.

What else? Have I been knitting and crocheting? You bet! What else (but maybe Andrew- who also has a new job that he loves!) has been keeping me sane? First off I want to give Aestlight a web-redemption. The pics I posted the first time were posted in haste. Because I needed to show you all the finished shawl and it had been done for so long I just snapped some photos and I don't think they did this beautiful shawl any justice. These new pics took some more time and thought and are also of the blocked Aestlight -always block your FO's people! I hope you can see/appreciate the difference. Here she is. Again.
Much, much better. Don't you think? I still love this shawl and so does everyone else who see's it! I'll be putting the new pics on ravelry too!! So what else? Oh yeah! My first sweater!!! But I think it deserves it's own  post. So please bear with me. I am going to try and post it early this coming week!

Also, there is the Southbay Shawlette I crocheted this summer. This is in Malabigo Sock (too!) in the colorway Azules. I bought this yarn wayyyy back in March or April I think? I don't have a photo of it on me yet (so it will probably also be getting a web-redemption) but trust me when I say its beautiful. The color variation is simply gorgeous and its so.soft.

I started it when Andrew's and I were visiting Foxwoods. I'm only 20 so there wasnt much for me to do but crochet, which we all know I don't mind. This also the first time I used a bamboo hook, and I loved it!
Again, no justice. But it will do until the next post. =)


Sunday, August 15, 2010

My, my...I have been gone awhile

But I will make no apologies, because I have been soaking up these last weeks of summer. Two weeks ago I had a stay-cation with Andrew and last night I just returned (despite my reluctance) from a wonderful stay in Spruce Head, Maine.  It was so beautiful up there that Andrew and I are seriously considering making it our home. More on all that later though. I have finished the South Bay Shawlette and am now working on Klamath and have photos of all (plus a cute little tank top!) to share with you whenever I get a moment. Right now I am on my way out the door to work. I will post about all my adventures as soon as I can. I appreciate your patience!!

But until then here's a little snack to curb your appetite.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Little Crochet Surprise

Right when the Spring semester ended I decided I would reward myself and do nothing but crochet for a week straight. I had been taking six classes and working two jobs (something I will not be repeating this semester) and seldom found crochet time in the recent months. So after finals I sat down and crocheted this...

This is Dora Ohrenstein's Drapey Vest featured in the Mar/April 2010 issue of Crochet Today.When I saw this vest in the magazine I immediately fell in love with it. The silhouette is a very popular and trendy one right now. Also, I had been dying to try anything from Debbie Stoller's new yarn line. So I crocheted this in Bamboo Ewe in the same colorway as the pattern,  Twilight. I have to say this yarn is great. I loved working with it. It is so soft and very drapey (duh!) and a dream to hold in your hands and crochet with. It also offers just enough warmth to be a great layer in Spring and Fall.  Here's another...

Also, I can't say enough about the pattern. It is well written, easily executed, and great construction. The pieces are crocheted together (as opposed to sewn) and I love that about it. This pattern is everything that crochet-haters say crochet can't be. Flattering- this vest looks great on all kinds of body types. Check it out on Ravelry. Non bulky- it features a sc through the front loop only so it is not bulky like most people believe crochet garments to be. Trendy- no grannies here! And the grand finale.....DRAPE! This vest has amazing crochet drape. Five stars for this pattern and a big thanks to Dora Ohrenstein.

I entitled this post "A Little Crochet Surprise" for a few reasons. I was surprised at how much I loved making this and love wearing it. Also, I planned on blogging all about it but never did so it's a little surprise for my readers. Surprise! Finally, I almost never post FO's here for some, surprise!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Little Update

Well I'm back from Mohegan Sun. Wait, did I say Mohegan Sun? Oh.. well I meant Foxwoods. Silly ol' me. It was interesting. Being only nineteen there wasn't a ton for me to do but I did play in the arcade a little, spend some time in the pool, and got a little quality time with my yarn and hook. Andrew, on the other hand, was so excited for his first gambling trip. For about fifteen minutes at least. After leaving me to my own device in the arcade for about twenty minutes he came back in and said it was very boring. He spent a majority of that day and the next dominating the games and winning enough tickets for a lava lamp.

My Floral Motif top is still at Grammie's waiting for me to try it on before sewing it all up. Hopefully I can stop down there this week and have a new top by the weekend. In other news I started the Southbay Shawlette like I said I would and let me tell you something. Malabrigo is great to knit with but I am loving how it is to crochet with. Especially with my new (and first ever) bamboo crochet hook. I am enjoying this project so much.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I Did It!

Although I am little late on the upload, here it is! Completed on Friday night at about 10:00pm. This incredibly poor photo was taken in m Grammie's bathroom with my phone. As we speak she is sewing on the bodice!

Next up on the list? Southbay Shawlette with that beautiful skein of Malabrigo I bought a few months ago. I'll be winding the yarn tonight and bringing it with me to Mohegan Sun tomorrow!

Happy Sunday!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day Three of Summer Crafty Challenge!

   On day three of my self  imposed summer crafty challenge I have a confession to make. I had secret motives all along. I was hoping that jostling myself out of the craft funk would also jostle me out of the blog funk. So here I am only one day after my last post. I have some fun photos of progress for you. Here, to the left, is a lovely little pic of the first four motifs post-blocking. Aren't they pretty?  

 After yesterday's post I searched for Madarin Petit on ravlery and on there it is categorized as a fingering weight. Uh-oh. I personally think it is definitely thicker than that but still a little skinny to be a DK. So I did my best to block those babies to three inches like the pattern calls for. I think they almost made it, although they are little more lacy than the one's in the picture. Luckily though they are positioned high above any area that shouldn't be exposed and I think they will be nice for a summer top. They yarn is actually very lovely. It is a nice crisp cotton yet very soft. At first it was a little splitty but once you find your ground it is very easy crocheting. I am working my motifs up on an F hook (like called for in the pattern) and they are lacy but not flimsy, which I like. Today was a lovely day for picture taking. For comparison I took another photo of a blocked and unblocked motif.

Pretty cool, huh? Blocking really does make a huge difference even for little tiny motifs! Currently all eight motifs that the pattern calls for are crocheted (yay progress!) and the last four are blocking outside in the sun. It's not too too hot out today, which is nice. I went to breakfast with my dad and then I took him to see Grown-Ups at the theater I work at. It was good to spend a little time with him. He drives a truck all through Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and some times Connecticut. He can be gone for two or three days at a time and even then I still might not see him if our schedules might not match. It isn't an easy job but after being laid off for about a year and half he's just glad to be working. So it was good to steal a little time this morning with him. Well that's about all today. I'll leave you with a little photo of me enjoying the morning sun.

Yeah, I'm really freckly. That's summer though!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Little (Crafty) Challenge Never Hurt Anyone...

....Right? As I'm sure was obvious from the lack, or complete absence, of posting I have been in a bit of a funk lately. Sometimes in Summer when there is too much time to do things I like, I don't. It isn't like I get sick of my favorite things I just get in a funk. Seems lately anything I try to crochet, anything I try to knit just isn't doing it for me. So I started reading Harry Potter again. I'm reading the Prisoner of Azkaban now ,but as much as I love them I can only read so much in a day. So I have decided to give myself a little crafty challenge to (hopefully) send me flying out of my funk. What have I chosen? What are the guidelines? I'm glad you asked.

Elise's First Ever Summer Crafty Challenge

The Subject: Linda Permann's Floral Motif Top from Crochet Adorned
The Materials: Two balls Mandarin Petit in light pink colorway
and one yard and a half fabric
The Challenge: Finish the motif yoke by Friday, just in time for Grammie to help sew the bodice.

So there it is. I purchased the yarn and fabric yesterday at Saflter's and I am challenging myself to have all the crocheting done by Friday when we go down to visit my Grammie for a few days. Now I'll bet you wanna see the yarn and fabric, eh? I don't blame you.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Long Awaited Aestlight

It is finally here! My Aestlight. It has been an FO for probably a good month now. But with class, homework, exams, work, and other general busy-ness I have not been able to blog it. But at last, it has reached you.  I must say, I love it! There is nothing not to love about this project. The pattern is beautifully written and the construction keeps you interested but not so much that you can't knit on the bus.
Also, the Malabrigo. What a gorgeous yarn. It is beautiful. A great green with just a few subtle variation that to be GORGEOUS. Also it soft, soft, soft, soft. And combined witht the garter stitch? Fuggedaboutit. It is squishy-soft-warm heaven. Love.

Friday, April 23, 2010

No I'm Not Dead, Just Extra Super Busy

But to make up for not posting in a month while I want to do something fun. So I present you with what I have happily dubbed a "pictorial recipe" for Pear Crisp. These pears were lovingly adopted by Andrew's mom earlier this week. The church she works at received them as a donation and, because they couldn't use them, planned on throwing them away. But we won't be having that. So what does anyone do with a surplus of fruit? Bake! So here we go.

Gather your pears and rinse them off nice and good. We used about twelve and spilt it into two small pans.

And gather your stuff for the cripsy yumminess. (aka flour, sugar, oats, honey, brown sugar, and cinnamon)

Have your loving significant other cut up the pears. (My significant other is indeed loving, but is cutting more because he doesn't trust me not to chop my finger off). Thin slices work best.

Simultaneously melt two sticks of butter in a pot on low heat.

Now this is my favorite part. Once the butter is melted begin to stir in flour by the handful.  That's right, put your hand into the flour and pick some up and drop it in. The flour is the ingredient that absorbs the butter so it is the only one you need to have "enough" of. The rest of it is for taste. So start with a small handful of sugar, a handful of oats, a tablespoon of honey, a little brown sugar, and a little cinnamon. Take the time to mix after each  new addition. The important part is that you add enough flour to make it thick and slightly crumbly. Then continue to add sweetness to your taste.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Up To No Good

Well, I've been up to no good this week. I started crocheting a shawl. Yes, I started a new shawl when I still haven't yet finished Aestlight. I'm bad, I know this. But I am in love with this new shawl too.  This shawl is actually really a scarf. The Fall Floaty Scarf to be exact. (rav link) I first saw this pattern when I picked up my first ever issue of Crochet Today. So I have pretty much wanted to crochet it since then. Well, I got the thread for it last Monday and started crocheting away. Almost one week later, a little bit less than, I have about 4 rows left and the border. This baby is super duper fast and the best part? Portable and lightweight the whole entire time. Also, doesn't require too much attention and thus, is relaxing and meditative to work on.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

As promised...



From the top: Manos Del Uraguay Silk Blend, Malabrigo Sock in Azule, and an adorable little knit kit complete with enough wool, bells, and organic cat nip to make five toy mice. The Manos is purely stash enrichment, though I am pondering a cute crocheted Spring hat. The blue Malabrigo was purchased with intentions of another Aeslight. Don't know when or why, just cause. The toy mice will be for the three cats at Andrew's house and my friend Dana's brood of feline friends.
Aestlight is still in progress. Tough thing about the border is that there are constantly live stitches on both needles making the shawl really un-portable. But I am not discouraged, the shawl will just take a little longer than originally planned.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Day Five of My Aestlight-a-thon

Here I am on day five of my Aestlight week long knitting extravaganza.
This was taken right outside Faneueil Hall yesterday. Andrew and myself took a quick little day trip in for a
an art project I had to do involving visiting Institute of Contemporary Art Boston. Then we hopped back on the red line, switched over and got off at Government Center. There we had lunch, walked around, knit (on my part), and read (on his part). After talking to a friend Andrew found a new series to dig his teeth into by James Patterson. He seems to be enjoying quite a bit, which makes me happy. As for Aestlight? I am making good timing. I finished the lace panel an am ready to start the border with two days to go.
Naturally I begged Andrew to let me go into Windsor Button. It is torture (is it not?) to drag a yarn craft loving girl with no LYS besides Michaels and AC Moore into a city dancing with yarn stores and tell her she can't go into to even one. Even one that is one the way to the same stop she will be boarding to go home. Clearly Andrew shares the same sentiment. So as not to disapoint him ("What we went all the way into this yarn store and you didn't even buy anything?) I walked out with a slight plethora of yarn and yarn related items. Of said yarn and yarn related items there is:  another skein of Malabrigo sock , a skein of Manos silk blend, size 4 circulars, and a knit kit. But what? I'm not going to share colorways, intended projects, or share pictures? No, no. In a sad and slightly deranged attempt to keep anyone out their reading I will wait until my next post to share that information with you. (Insert maniacal laugh here)
Instead I leave you with this

Monday, March 8, 2010

And so it begins....

I cast on for Aestlight yesterday morning. I am so happy, relieved, and excited to finally be knittting this after almost a month of planning to knit it. It is worked in a traditional shetland method (from the point up) and in three peices. I'm sure that's all I can say without breaking copyright. But you can find more info on this page of Gudrun Johnston's blog. So as of yesterday morning, about five minutes into my knitting of the shawl here is where I was.

Thus is the huble beginnings of my very own Aestlight Shawl. I actually really like this photo. It was taken at Andrews and those wooden floors are in his living room. I think this picture really shows the beauty of their floors. And of course, the beauty of that Malabrigo. Which is so beautiful and lovely to knit with I must say.
So, in case you forgot I am attempting to knit this shawl in one week. Sunday to Sunday, minus Saturday (I'm working a double). Now this may not be anything big for all you accomplished knitters out there but I have personally not knit anything inside a week besides, maybe, a hat. So yesterday I knit like a madwoman. In the car on the way to Grammie's, while playing UpWords at Grammie's, on the car ride home from Grammie's, at Barnes and Noble while Andrew tried -unsuccesfully- to pick out a new series for himself, (If anyone knows of a good sci-fi or fantasy series hit me up!) , and during the previews at the movies. Like I said. A madwoman. But the good news is now I am almost done with the body of the shawl!
And apparently I'm not the only one who is enjoying this shawl.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

At Last!

So about three weeks ago I posted about my new, lovely, green Malabrigo so lovingly purchased for me by my wonderful Andrew for Valentine's Day to knit Aestlight. Well it occurred to me after said yarn was purchased that I would need to wind it into a ball. Call me a pansy but I didn't want to use my hands and someone else's. Plus the cute little yarn cakes you get with a ball winder are so much more visually pleasing. So I called a semi-LYS (there are no LYS where I am from) and though they were out of stock they ordered some more on the spot that were to be in by Friday. And they took my number to call me when they arrived. Two Fridays later, nothing. I finally got a call today and made my way over on the way home from school.
As you can see, the yarn was a mess from hanging (literally) around as an unwound hank for three weeks. It only took me to tries to get these bad boys going and before I knew it....
...I was crusin' along and there wasn't much to it. Excuse the messy table and poor photo quality. ( I won't insult my nine year old brother's photo skills but I will tell you that just like in the last post there still no sun.) These are so easy to use. And a little bit fun. But that could be the nubile naivety talking there. Anywho. I'm happy. Though this was a pricey buy, definitely qualifying as a splurge, I think it is worth it. I know I'll be buying more hank yarns in the future so they will get good use. Before I leave I want to leave you with two more lovely pics. The first taken by my brother again; he really wanted to get a picture of the "contraption" in motion.
It was going pretty fast. The last one is the piece de resistance. The masterpiece. The reason I patiently waited for my winder and swift to arrive, albeit it taking three times longer than it should have. I give you.......the yarn cake.
Isn't s/he perfect? Of course s/he is.
The good news is: the Irish Hiking Scarf is crusin' and I have decided to cast on for Aestlight on my Spring break and just knit the crap out of it all week long.
It gives me shivers just to think about it. One week. No work. No class.
Just. Knitting.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


So it's been raining now for about forty eight hours. What better time to hunker down and post? Pretty much that same here since last time I posted. Nothing new. Still busy with school, work, and work. I don't know if I mentioned it ever but I am taking five classes and a lab and I work two jobs. Somehow I still find time to spend with Andrew, and even a little time to knit. Pertaining to my business I worked my little self pretty hard last weekend and decided that as a reward I would buy myself some goodies using some of my tips. (I'm a server.) Here's what I bagged:
Except KnitScene. That was a gift, of sorts, from the best guy in the whole world. I say of sorts because we were checking out and I put it in his pile to cut down time with the intention of handing over the cash. But, like stubborn men do, he refused to take my money. So it was a gift. Of sorts. Thanks babe. Sometimes your just so stubborn I get a knitting magazine out of it. So yeah, as you can see I got the lastest edition of KnitScene (more on that in a minute), Socks from the Toe Up by Wendy Johnson (aka Wendy Knits), and Yarn Harlot by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (aka the Yarn Harlot). Wowzers thats a lot of links.

 Anywho, I knit my first pair of socks for Andrew's dad for Christmas. They were standard, stockinette, cuff down, BIG men's socks. I didn't really love making them. But then I crocheted a sock from the toe up (maybe another post...) and I loved it. I could try it on, fix mistakes. However, the no stretch thing wasn't really working for me, for socks atleast, so I decided I might try knit socks from the toe up.  Hopefully it will be more fun because I really don't want to give up on this yet. On Yarn Harlot, I do own Free Range Knitter and have read it twice. I love her blog and I figured I should a) get another one of her books before I commit the other one to memory and b) support a fellow knitter who I love to read anyways. I just finished the first short story and  I got a good knitterly laugh.  Her books are like a good knitter inside joke, that is when they aren't like good knitting sage wisdom. Highly recommend.
 Then there is KnitScene. I have been eyeing this bad boy since it came out. Whenever we go to a store that has it I would casually pick it up and browse it, convincing myself that I don't need another knitting magazine. Justifying this thought because there weren't any patterns in there that I loved. So we're in Stop and Shop (or something) and I casually pick it up for the 899th time and it strikes me. All of a sudden. There it is. The Helleborus Yoke cardigan. (rav link) I was just like, "Wow, that's a beautiful cardigan. I would really wear that! And what? It's short sleeve and knit with bulky weight. I could probably knit that, too." So now when I casually picked it up it was to oogle Mathew Gnagy's work of art. I played with the idea of buying it until saw it had short rows and was one of the most complicated patterns in the magazine (bummer.)  But then, my inner knitting Superman came out and said this to me, "You love the pattern, Elise. If you can't knit it today you will undoubtedly be talented enough to knit it someday. If you don't buy the magazine now when that day comes you won't have the pattern and then you won't be able to." So I bought it. Or rather, Andrew bought it or me. Oh yeah, please ignore the poor photo. It has been raining for two days and there is no natural light. At. All. So thats the Helleborus. I like it, a lot. I hope to knit it someday(soon).