Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Little Crochet Surprise

Right when the Spring semester ended I decided I would reward myself and do nothing but crochet for a week straight. I had been taking six classes and working two jobs (something I will not be repeating this semester) and seldom found crochet time in the recent months. So after finals I sat down and crocheted this...

This is Dora Ohrenstein's Drapey Vest featured in the Mar/April 2010 issue of Crochet Today.When I saw this vest in the magazine I immediately fell in love with it. The silhouette is a very popular and trendy one right now. Also, I had been dying to try anything from Debbie Stoller's new yarn line. So I crocheted this in Bamboo Ewe in the same colorway as the pattern,  Twilight. I have to say this yarn is great. I loved working with it. It is so soft and very drapey (duh!) and a dream to hold in your hands and crochet with. It also offers just enough warmth to be a great layer in Spring and Fall.  Here's another...

Also, I can't say enough about the pattern. It is well written, easily executed, and great construction. The pieces are crocheted together (as opposed to sewn) and I love that about it. This pattern is everything that crochet-haters say crochet can't be. Flattering- this vest looks great on all kinds of body types. Check it out on Ravelry. Non bulky- it features a sc through the front loop only so it is not bulky like most people believe crochet garments to be. Trendy- no grannies here! And the grand finale.....DRAPE! This vest has amazing crochet drape. Five stars for this pattern and a big thanks to Dora Ohrenstein.

I entitled this post "A Little Crochet Surprise" for a few reasons. I was surprised at how much I loved making this and love wearing it. Also, I planned on blogging all about it but never did so it's a little surprise for my readers. Surprise! Finally, I almost never post FO's here for some, surprise!

In the end, I am very very proud of myself for this vest. It is my first garment and I love it. Southbay is coming along beautifully and I will be posting the Floral Motif Top soon! Thanks for reading, and if you are please comment. I would love to hear from you!


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