Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day Three of Summer Crafty Challenge!

   On day three of my self  imposed summer crafty challenge I have a confession to make. I had secret motives all along. I was hoping that jostling myself out of the craft funk would also jostle me out of the blog funk. So here I am only one day after my last post. I have some fun photos of progress for you. Here, to the left, is a lovely little pic of the first four motifs post-blocking. Aren't they pretty?  

 After yesterday's post I searched for Madarin Petit on ravlery and on there it is categorized as a fingering weight. Uh-oh. I personally think it is definitely thicker than that but still a little skinny to be a DK. So I did my best to block those babies to three inches like the pattern calls for. I think they almost made it, although they are little more lacy than the one's in the picture. Luckily though they are positioned high above any area that shouldn't be exposed and I think they will be nice for a summer top. They yarn is actually very lovely. It is a nice crisp cotton yet very soft. At first it was a little splitty but once you find your ground it is very easy crocheting. I am working my motifs up on an F hook (like called for in the pattern) and they are lacy but not flimsy, which I like. Today was a lovely day for picture taking. For comparison I took another photo of a blocked and unblocked motif.

Pretty cool, huh? Blocking really does make a huge difference even for little tiny motifs! Currently all eight motifs that the pattern calls for are crocheted (yay progress!) and the last four are blocking outside in the sun. It's not too too hot out today, which is nice. I went to breakfast with my dad and then I took him to see Grown-Ups at the theater I work at. It was good to spend a little time with him. He drives a truck all through Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and some times Connecticut. He can be gone for two or three days at a time and even then I still might not see him if our schedules might not match. It isn't an easy job but after being laid off for about a year and half he's just glad to be working. So it was good to steal a little time this morning with him. Well that's about all today. I'll leave you with a little photo of me enjoying the morning sun.

Yeah, I'm really freckly. That's summer though!

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