Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Icing On the Cake

I recently completed my first ever sweater project! The pattern is Iced from Knitty First Fall 2010. I have been trying to conquer my fear of sweaters and just knit one already. I wanted something simple and comfy. This definitely fit the bill. I knit it in Patons Shetland Chunky (rav link) and I knit the 38.5" bust size. So, without further adieu.
I enjoyed knitting my first sweater because it was a little bit challenging, but comfortable enough that I was able to have fun learning the construction. It is very over sized and the large gauge makes it a little airy. Also it's heavy and it droops a little in the front.

That being said, its so comfy and it was great first sweater pattern. I do love the shawl collar and the fact that I made it long enough to wear with leggings. Even though I will probably not be knitting such over sized, large gauge sweaters in the future I will cherish and wear this sweater. Because, hey, for a first sweater it ain't too shabby if I do say so myself.

These gorgeous photos were taken at Lost Acres apple orchard in Connecticut. If you're up that way next fall, stop by. We were late in the season but they were honest and told us they were mostly picked out but for a few apples on the trees that were (previously) not for the public. Also, they have a little kitchen that serves coffee, cider, pie, apple dumplings, apple donuts, and even soup! Andrew took these pics (he's such a trooper) and I think he did a great job!

Now I'm off to finish my second sweater project!

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Aestlight Gets a Web Redemption, Where the Hell Have I Been, and In Other News...

So, I highly doubt anyone is following this blog anymore (assuming there was anyone following it in the first place?). But if you a truly a blog trooper and held out for me, I thank you. As I am sure is clear, I have been rather busy lately. I'll go backwards according to the title. In other news...I have officially changed my major to psychology and I am ecstatic with the decision. I have been wanting to do so for a while but had no idea a)if I should, b)how the heck to do it, and c)what to change it to. For those of you scratching your head I was previously a social work major. Though I strongly believe in social justice, the field of social work just wasn't right for me. I feel like psychology is my long-lost-major-home. Also, I just got a new job! (Yay for me!) I am now a bookseller at Barnes and Noble, and again am so happy with this change. For those of you scratching your head again, I was previously a waitress in a movie theater. While the money was great the managers were petty, my co-workers were mostly drama queens, and I was honesty starting to loathe the thought of going to work. So I am taking a slight pay cut, and it has been hard to accept that fact, but I will be much happier at Barnes and Noble and I am too young to hold on to a job that makes me miserable because the money is good. THAT BEING SAID. Where the hell have I been? Well, classes from 9-3:30 on Mondays and Wednesdays, working Tuesdays, volunteering/doing school work on Thursdays, working Fridays/Saturdays, usually chilling Sundays. The beginning of this semester was so stressful I started losing sleep, losing my appetite, and having anxiety attacks. I feel like I have gotten a better hold of myself- and having a major I love and a job I love is helping- so here I am ladies and gents. Trying my best to be a better blogger.

What else? Have I been knitting and crocheting? You bet! What else (but maybe Andrew- who also has a new job that he loves!) has been keeping me sane? First off I want to give Aestlight a web-redemption. The pics I posted the first time were posted in haste. Because I needed to show you all the finished shawl and it had been done for so long I just snapped some photos and I don't think they did this beautiful shawl any justice. These new pics took some more time and thought and are also of the blocked Aestlight -always block your FO's people! I hope you can see/appreciate the difference. Here she is. Again.
Much, much better. Don't you think? I still love this shawl and so does everyone else who see's it! I'll be putting the new pics on ravelry too!! So what else? Oh yeah! My first sweater!!! But I think it deserves it's own  post. So please bear with me. I am going to try and post it early this coming week!

Also, there is the Southbay Shawlette I crocheted this summer. This is in Malabigo Sock (too!) in the colorway Azules. I bought this yarn wayyyy back in March or April I think? I don't have a photo of it on me yet (so it will probably also be getting a web-redemption) but trust me when I say its beautiful. The color variation is simply gorgeous and its so.soft.

I started it when Andrew's and I were visiting Foxwoods. I'm only 20 so there wasnt much for me to do but crochet, which we all know I don't mind. This also the first time I used a bamboo hook, and I loved it!
Again, no justice. But it will do until the next post. =)