Saturday, November 6, 2010

Aestlight Gets a Web Redemption, Where the Hell Have I Been, and In Other News...

So, I highly doubt anyone is following this blog anymore (assuming there was anyone following it in the first place?). But if you a truly a blog trooper and held out for me, I thank you. As I am sure is clear, I have been rather busy lately. I'll go backwards according to the title. In other news...I have officially changed my major to psychology and I am ecstatic with the decision. I have been wanting to do so for a while but had no idea a)if I should, b)how the heck to do it, and c)what to change it to. For those of you scratching your head I was previously a social work major. Though I strongly believe in social justice, the field of social work just wasn't right for me. I feel like psychology is my long-lost-major-home. Also, I just got a new job! (Yay for me!) I am now a bookseller at Barnes and Noble, and again am so happy with this change. For those of you scratching your head again, I was previously a waitress in a movie theater. While the money was great the managers were petty, my co-workers were mostly drama queens, and I was honesty starting to loathe the thought of going to work. So I am taking a slight pay cut, and it has been hard to accept that fact, but I will be much happier at Barnes and Noble and I am too young to hold on to a job that makes me miserable because the money is good. THAT BEING SAID. Where the hell have I been? Well, classes from 9-3:30 on Mondays and Wednesdays, working Tuesdays, volunteering/doing school work on Thursdays, working Fridays/Saturdays, usually chilling Sundays. The beginning of this semester was so stressful I started losing sleep, losing my appetite, and having anxiety attacks. I feel like I have gotten a better hold of myself- and having a major I love and a job I love is helping- so here I am ladies and gents. Trying my best to be a better blogger.

What else? Have I been knitting and crocheting? You bet! What else (but maybe Andrew- who also has a new job that he loves!) has been keeping me sane? First off I want to give Aestlight a web-redemption. The pics I posted the first time were posted in haste. Because I needed to show you all the finished shawl and it had been done for so long I just snapped some photos and I don't think they did this beautiful shawl any justice. These new pics took some more time and thought and are also of the blocked Aestlight -always block your FO's people! I hope you can see/appreciate the difference. Here she is. Again.
Much, much better. Don't you think? I still love this shawl and so does everyone else who see's it! I'll be putting the new pics on ravelry too!! So what else? Oh yeah! My first sweater!!! But I think it deserves it's own  post. So please bear with me. I am going to try and post it early this coming week!

Also, there is the Southbay Shawlette I crocheted this summer. This is in Malabigo Sock (too!) in the colorway Azules. I bought this yarn wayyyy back in March or April I think? I don't have a photo of it on me yet (so it will probably also be getting a web-redemption) but trust me when I say its beautiful. The color variation is simply gorgeous and its so.soft.

I started it when Andrew's and I were visiting Foxwoods. I'm only 20 so there wasnt much for me to do but crochet, which we all know I don't mind. This also the first time I used a bamboo hook, and I loved it!
Again, no justice. But it will do until the next post. =)


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