Wednesday, March 3, 2010

At Last!

So about three weeks ago I posted about my new, lovely, green Malabrigo so lovingly purchased for me by my wonderful Andrew for Valentine's Day to knit Aestlight. Well it occurred to me after said yarn was purchased that I would need to wind it into a ball. Call me a pansy but I didn't want to use my hands and someone else's. Plus the cute little yarn cakes you get with a ball winder are so much more visually pleasing. So I called a semi-LYS (there are no LYS where I am from) and though they were out of stock they ordered some more on the spot that were to be in by Friday. And they took my number to call me when they arrived. Two Fridays later, nothing. I finally got a call today and made my way over on the way home from school.
As you can see, the yarn was a mess from hanging (literally) around as an unwound hank for three weeks. It only took me to tries to get these bad boys going and before I knew it....
...I was crusin' along and there wasn't much to it. Excuse the messy table and poor photo quality. ( I won't insult my nine year old brother's photo skills but I will tell you that just like in the last post there still no sun.) These are so easy to use. And a little bit fun. But that could be the nubile naivety talking there. Anywho. I'm happy. Though this was a pricey buy, definitely qualifying as a splurge, I think it is worth it. I know I'll be buying more hank yarns in the future so they will get good use. Before I leave I want to leave you with two more lovely pics. The first taken by my brother again; he really wanted to get a picture of the "contraption" in motion.
It was going pretty fast. The last one is the piece de resistance. The masterpiece. The reason I patiently waited for my winder and swift to arrive, albeit it taking three times longer than it should have. I give you.......the yarn cake.
Isn't s/he perfect? Of course s/he is.
The good news is: the Irish Hiking Scarf is crusin' and I have decided to cast on for Aestlight on my Spring break and just knit the crap out of it all week long.
It gives me shivers just to think about it. One week. No work. No class.
Just. Knitting.
Until next time. Thanks for reading!

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