Friday, March 12, 2010

Day Five of My Aestlight-a-thon

Here I am on day five of my Aestlight week long knitting extravaganza.
This was taken right outside Faneueil Hall yesterday. Andrew and myself took a quick little day trip in for a
an art project I had to do involving visiting Institute of Contemporary Art Boston. Then we hopped back on the red line, switched over and got off at Government Center. There we had lunch, walked around, knit (on my part), and read (on his part). After talking to a friend Andrew found a new series to dig his teeth into by James Patterson. He seems to be enjoying quite a bit, which makes me happy. As for Aestlight? I am making good timing. I finished the lace panel an am ready to start the border with two days to go.
Naturally I begged Andrew to let me go into Windsor Button. It is torture (is it not?) to drag a yarn craft loving girl with no LYS besides Michaels and AC Moore into a city dancing with yarn stores and tell her she can't go into to even one. Even one that is one the way to the same stop she will be boarding to go home. Clearly Andrew shares the same sentiment. So as not to disapoint him ("What we went all the way into this yarn store and you didn't even buy anything?) I walked out with a slight plethora of yarn and yarn related items. Of said yarn and yarn related items there is:  another skein of Malabrigo sock , a skein of Manos silk blend, size 4 circulars, and a knit kit. But what? I'm not going to share colorways, intended projects, or share pictures? No, no. In a sad and slightly deranged attempt to keep anyone out their reading I will wait until my next post to share that information with you. (Insert maniacal laugh here)
Instead I leave you with this
Yes, that is the infamous Andrew. And yes, we do look like brother and sister. You wouldn't be the first to mention it.
I love you babe!

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