Monday, March 22, 2010

Up To No Good

Well, I've been up to no good this week. I started crocheting a shawl. Yes, I started a new shawl when I still haven't yet finished Aestlight. I'm bad, I know this. But I am in love with this new shawl too.  This shawl is actually really a scarf. The Fall Floaty Scarf to be exact. (rav link) I first saw this pattern when I picked up my first ever issue of Crochet Today. So I have pretty much wanted to crochet it since then. Well, I got the thread for it last Monday and started crocheting away. Almost one week later, a little bit less than, I have about 4 rows left and the border. This baby is super duper fast and the best part? Portable and lightweight the whole entire time. Also, doesn't require too much attention and thus, is relaxing and meditative to work on.

It is in the colorway Mushroom. It is very soft and drapey and provides just enough warmth. It can be worn around your neck as a trendy triangle scarf or over your shoulders to take the Spring chill off. Also, it can be crocheted anywhere and everywhere. For example, outside the commuter cafeteria on campus in the sun. Or in your driveway in the sun. Or on your lawn in the sun. I love this scarf for many reasons. Its fun to crochet, its easy to crochet, its soft, its adorable, but also I have been crocheting it in the sun all week so I think the positive memories I have of it is inducing cro-phoria. Naturally, I am already planning another one for my freind's birthday. Again, I love this shawl/scarf. Love.

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