Thursday, December 30, 2010

Winding Down

Well, it looks the like holiday madness is over. And by madness I mean loveliness. Lovely madness? Mad loveliness? Either way, as much as I love the holidays I am not afraid to admit they can be a little taxing. I feel like this year I swung right from "finals mode" into "Christmas mode".

(this is my Grammie's lovely all purple tree)

After studying my arse off and sweating over all those dreaded tests there was still shopping, wrapping, decorating, baking, and visiting to do before I could entirely relax. However, Christmas was simply sweet. Last year Andrew and I felt like two chickens running around with our heads cut off. We went from his house, to my house, to Grammie's house, then back to his house, out to dinner with his family, back to his house, and  all the way back in the direction of Grammie's to my Uncle's. This year we approached it in a much more calm and convenient way. We got a GPS! So no more going all the way back home as starting point. We got to do all the same things, in a much less stressful way. And I think it's safe to say I made out like a bandit. I got a stocking full of pamper-me luxuries from the Whole Body department of Whole Foods.  They are soo yummy and good-for-you too. Also, I got a Nook (e-reader) and the complete set of The Harmony Guides knitting stitch books.

(I love this old-fashioned Santa doll. You can pretend I cropped Andrew's hand out.)

In other news, the semester is at last over. No more of that horrid social work class. I know I didn't go much into it but the teacher was completely over-working us and not paying us any respect during our class discussions. Needless to say, I am more than glad to be done with that class.  My grades were all posted and I am very pleased. I made the Dean's List again and though I don't set my sights on it, its always nice to be rewarded for all that hard work throughout the semester.

 Also! We got a blizzard the day after Christmas! Oh just when you think Mother Nature has settled in for a Winter's nap She pulls out all the stops. Everything is covered in white now, and it is beautiful. Something about snow makes me feel so peaceful. Before our storm, though, I snapped a picture of Brattleboro that I would like to show you. The PBH has been a little more difficult to snap. When he isn't wearing it (and he won't let me take pictures of him) it's at his house and I am here. I will try to resolve this problem, mainly because I am rather proud of this hat, and I conceived the idea and wrote the (very simple) pattern all on my own.
In other yarn news, I am currently working on the most gorgeous project. I think I might be in love. It's so beautiful it deserves it's own post. (All in good time, my friends).

So, I love the hat. And hats in general. They are so quick and can be anything you want them to be. Fashionable, trendy, classic. This hat is all of those. Plus warm. Highly recommend. I found the ball band the other day, and its lost again. I promise I will give the farm from Maine where this yarn came form proper cred! As you can see, and its much less obvious in person, I am a terrible finisher. I don't like having to sew my knitting. Oh well. Great hat anyways. So, that new year of ours will be rolling in soon and I have got some resolutions stewing. But more on those later.
Until next time.

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