Monday, January 10, 2011

I Meant To Write

Er. Blog? Really, though I did. I had a nice little "lets-look-at-the-year-and-discuss-resolutions" post all planned out for your reading pleasure. But the Time Eaters paid me a visit, and we all know how that ends. Not well. But alas, here I am. I wanted to share a few projects with you briefly and-still-hopefully-discuss-resolutions. First is a beret I wear approximately eight days a week. (For those humming The Beatles right now- I love you.) Really though, I love this hat to death and I will most likely wear it to that point. It is the Raspberry Beret patter by Linda Permann featured in Crochet Today Sept/Oct 2009. I made mine with Patons Classic Wool. I'm sure I made some mods but I made this beret so long ago that I have no idea what they are. "So long ago?", you say. Yes, maybe even a year ago. It went straight from the hook to my end and never really left. I was sitting around the other day and I realized I never even blogged it or put it on Ravelry.

It's adorable from the front and side, but the real surprise and stunner comes when you see the back.....

 Whammy! Isn't is pretty? I love that Linda was able to take something so beautiful and turn it into a fully functional accessory. Also, in this color it matches almost everything I own. I'm not quite sure it's for a beginner, but I am not one to tell someone what they can't do. A beginner with a lot of patience and ambition could probably crank this out. It took me all of a day. Best day I ever spent crocheting ;).

Also, there is this.  An off-the-fly Nook cover I made for my latest and greatest tech toy.


You can see the joins in this pic, so you know it was made in the round. I chained the length of the Nook then double crocheted in all the sts until the last. In the last st I crocheted two in one sp and then I crocheted in the bottom of the chain until the first where I crocheted two in on sp again. Then I joined and continued crocheting in the round until it fit and decreased accordingly for the flap. It was pretty easy and quick. I followed this tutorial by Robyn Chachula of Crochet by Faye for the frog closures. They took a few tries, but in the end I think they look pretty good for a first try. What do you think?

I think the simple double crochet body and contrasting frog closures give my new Nook case a very elegant and classy look . I used Encore Worsted for the body and Swish Worsted (left over from Mom's Cardi) for the closures.

On resolutions- Something amazing happened this year. When I sat down to make my usual list of resolutions (eat better, live more sustainably, exercise more, take more time for myself) I realized that I didn't need to write things down as resolutions because I was living them! I have been eating a lot more organic and good-for-me foods as well as recycling and reusing lots of my things. I am going to the gym at a slow and steady pace and am trying to practice more yoga. I have learned that is very important to take a few minutes for yourself to breathe and do things you love and that make you happy. Suddenly, I felt very grown-up and aware of myself. I realized that I am becoming the woman I have always wanted to be. I think I like it. I've also  begun to cook and bake more and I have even begun keeping track of my finances. Watch out world! The difference, I think, between this year and all the other years is that I didn't try so hard. I started making little changes, and the big ones happen organically. I'm not too humble to say that I am rather proud of myself.

Stay tuned in though, that perfect cowl is blocking and I am in the midst of a CAL with my best friend over at Red Hat Writings. Lets make this year as fulfilling as the last one!


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