Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Long Awaited Aestlight

It is finally here! My Aestlight. It has been an FO for probably a good month now. But with class, homework, exams, work, and other general busy-ness I have not been able to blog it. But at last, it has reached you.  I must say, I love it! There is nothing not to love about this project. The pattern is beautifully written and the construction keeps you interested but not so much that you can't knit on the bus.
Also, the Malabrigo. What a gorgeous yarn. It is beautiful. A great green with just a few subtle variation that to be GORGEOUS. Also it soft, soft, soft, soft. And combined witht the garter stitch? Fuggedaboutit. It is squishy-soft-warm heaven. Love.
Have a great day!

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