Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thrift Thursday, Finally.

Welcome to the first Thrift Thursdsay Post! Thrift Thursday is all about my love for thrifted clothing, all things vintage and not-vintage-at-all, how to buy secondhand and still look good, and most importantly: being good to our Good Ol' Mother Earth who has been so good to us all these years!

I hope Thrift Thursday will expand to include tips on thrifting, home decor thrifting, re-furbing (or refurbishing), and much more!

Today's piece is actually two pieces. This is an outfit I would most typically wear to work. The thrifted items are the top and necklace. The non-thrifted items are the slacks and shoes. I found this orange top at Salvation Army and loved it for the design element of the trim. It is definitely reminiscent of crochet but is machine-made so it is not actual crochet.  The necklace I got at a consignment store and is really one of my favorite accessories. It goes great with orange, yellow, and white. There are little engraved flowers on each bead though you can't quite see that from the distance these are shot at.

So there it is. You can look good and professional when wearing thrifted fashion!

Until Next Time.

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