Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Living Vicariously

Sometimes when you have three tests on one Friday and three projects due on the next Friday, and you're starting a new (and exciting!) job on the Monday in between, and you've got plans to visit friends out of state on the Saturday after, and a room to clean, and a car, and spouse to love, and...well I think you're beginning to sense a pattern here if I'm not wrong. Sometimes life gets just plum busy. During those times it is sometimes necesary to live vicariously through the lives of your fellow Crafty Bloggers.

So here are some Lovely Online Things that have been keeping me afloat, inspired, and living vicariously for the past few weeks.

#1 (as in currently most inspiring) Lucy from Attic24 and her Ripply Blanket Journey

#2 (as in slightly, but not much, less inspiring) Simply amazing, bet you didn't even know you could do this with crochet.

#3 (you get it) Next Project? But I'm thinking with some stashed Malabrigo, three buttons, and fringe. Someone, please, let me know if this is not as cute as I am envisioning it (it has been known to happen).

I hope to have more for you soon, when my academic rigors slow for a bit and I am a little more settled into my new job and schedule.

Until Next Time

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