Friday, February 5, 2010

Welcome, welcome!

If you are reading this it seems you have somehow found your way to my blog. And I welcome you with open arms. My name is Elise Michelle, and I am a blog-lover. There I said it. I have been trying, rather unsuccessfully, for some time now to develop a blog that I love and expresses who. This will be my third attempt. Hopefully, third time's a charm. Recently I read a post on Kim Werker's blog that was asking, in one form or another, "Where have all the crochet blogs gone?". After reading this I felt inspired to rise to the challenge of representing crochet in the blog world.

 Okay, so lets back up a little shall we? I do indeed love to read blogs and at some point came the the conclusion that I should have my own. I live in lovely New England and I am so happy here. I love the way the seasons change and you will rarely find me complaining about the crazy weather. I am a freshman in college where I am majoring in Art with a concentraion in Education. Someday I would like very much to teach art in a high school enviornment. In New England, of course. I have a boyfreind, who will often be mentioned in my posts because I am thouroughly convinced he'll be the only one reading them, who I have been with for three years. He trully is my rock, my other half, and best freind. My favorite things to do are crochet (bet you didn't see that one coming), knit, read, paint, draw, and be outdoors. I realize this is a glorified version of my profile but I think it's ok. It's a good way to start a blog, don't you think?

So, please do stick around for a bit. I promise I will do my best to make the posts more interesting and colorful as we go. I am currently learning how to create a custom banner. Bare with me, I am still learning. Be warned, this is not a specificlly crochet-themed blog. I hope to share and inspire you with all facets of my life. However, it is fair to say that a strong underlying current on my blog will be none other than yarn.

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