Wednesday, February 17, 2010

WIPping out knits!

I'm in love. The moment I saw this shawl I knew it was meant to be. "What am I talking about?" you ask? Gundrun Johnston's Aestlight Shawl. Truth be told, I do love all the new shawlette's that I have seen lately. But this one is special. Knit with one skein (one skein!) of Malabrigo sock and mainly in garter stictch this baby must be so smooshy and soft. But my favorite thing about it is the lace. All the trianglular shawls I've seen are extrmeley lacy (rav link). I don't think I would want to spend all that time (and frustration) knitting intricate lace that's only gunna be bunched up around my neck. Maybe someday, but for now there is Aestlight. Just enough lace. Also, one of  my Ten for 10 goals is to knit something with Malabrigo. This shawl is just perfect in every which way. Not to mention my amazing boyfreind offered to take me to a yarn store and buy me any skein of yarn I wanted for Valentine's Day. Isn't he the greatest?
However, before I could get this yarn and cast on for this little delicious I had to do something. Finish my WIP's that have been  on the needles since the week of finals. Without further delay here are my very own Coronet and Bella' s Mittens!
Aren't they pretty? I lurve them both. The mittens are Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick and Coronet is in some wool acrylic blend called none other than Wool Blend. Grammie gave it to me. Despite the fact the label looks about thirty years old it is very soft. It should be noted, though, that Bella's Mittens are really really heavy and thick. And hard to operate anything in. I am sad to announce that I couldn't even button my coat when I was wearing them. So, not sure how much use they will get. But they are beautiful none the less. What's that? You want one more close-up? Oh, alright, alright.
Hehe. Pretty. So I whipped these out in a matter of a week. I really wanted to be finish these in time to get my malabrigo for V-day. The minute I saw Coronet I wanted to knit it, and since it was my first cable I knit a test one first. This is not the test one. This is techniclly Coronet numba two. And Bella's mittnens? If the pattern hadn't exsisted I would have taken a poor swipe at writing my own  I loved them in Twilight so much.
Now would you like to see my lovely Malabrigo? Of course you would. But let me say, we had to visit three Boston yarn shops before we found it. And here I thought Malabrigo was a LYS must. Either way, this my first every skein of Malabrigo. Yay! Here she is, in the colorway Lettuce.
Try to ignore my leg. Isn't she beautiful? I was telling Andrew how I love to look at hank of yarn and think to myself, "With a little time and a little effort that is going to be a beautiful shawl." He agreed, and feels the same way about food. (Oh yeah, he's a baker.) The only downer? I decided to invest in a yarn swift and ball winder but they won't be at my LYS until Friday. Then I work all weekend, so will realisticlly be getting it sometime mid-week next week. So no Aestlight until atleast then. So what do I do? The only thing I can. Thwart all my efforts to be WIPless for this shawl and cast on for an Irish Hiking Scarf. (rav link)

Ta ta for now.

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